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The Staff
Hello; isogriv here. As it should be known, I am the Founder of Alcium Ultimo, and by extension, resident and acting Owner and Head Admin of the forum. Along with the duties of managing the site as the highest authority, I do essentially every staff-related job on the site. I moderate the Xat, grade and review applications and upgrades; I am also current Head of the Graphics Department, and Lead Coder.

Additionally, I hold reigns as the Head Plotter, given that I am the only person on this board who has played in the world of Alcium Ultimo since the First Era, and therefore knows the most about the roleplay's setting. All in all, I see myself as an all-purpose staffer. Any special cases which cannot be determined by the other Admins should and would logically be relayed to me—especially those concerning the plot or any other topic in which I am the only one adequately equipped to answer.

While I am the current Owner of the site, its creation was not seen alone; I have my Co-Founder, Librarian, to thank in the endeavors and tribulations tolerated to see Alciem rise.

Words are all over this bitch. Don't mind this filler text please--it is, after all, simply filler text. And it's not even in latin. w0w. So in a few words this should be ready to go. Maybe. Can never be too sure though, so you might as well make it relatively long or something. There, that should be enough.
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 Hikari Dawnbringer

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PostSubject: Hikari Dawnbringer   Sun Oct 04, 2015 12:37 pm

Character Template


The Legend Of (Given Name Here)
» Name: T'ahla Dakiell
» Nickname(s): Hikari Dawnbringer
» Gender: Female
» Age: 47


One's Outer Shell

» Appearance Description: (Tell me about your looks, little one. Do be specific if you can... but perhaps you don't wish to tell me? You don't have too.)

» Height: (My my... how short or tall are you?)
» Weight: (How much do you weigh dear?)
» Accessories: (Anything you carry on your person that is on display?)


A Life Worth A Thousand

» Personality: (Tell me about you, please? Try to tell me as much as you can, and perhaps what has made you the way you are.)

» History: (How has your life been so far, my child? Tell me everything.)


Knowing Thy Strengths
(For later use)


» Powers: What is a Power? What is the difference between a Power and Ability?
» Abilities: What is an ability? How do they differ from skills, Artes and Spells?
» Skills:
» Artes:
» Spells:
» Drive:

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Hikari Dawnbringer

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